Sunday, December 11, 2011

Silhouette Cameo!!!

It's here!!  My cameo finally made it's way to my front door!  Here are some of the projects that I've been working on with my Cameo!  Keep in mind I've NEVER worked with Vinyl before! There was definitely a learning curve...(see the "of the" on my Inn Crowd project and you'll see what I mean!  haha)

I had an extremely hard time deciding if I wanted to make my advent calendar with the drawers (which I chose), or the boxes (which are adorable!) like this:

I chose to go with the drawers, but I think I might make a few of the boxes and do a mix of both the drawers and the boxes.  I am not a very good embellisher, so it's taking me a while to finish this project.  I still haven't added any numbers to the boxes yet because I can't decide which numbers and how I want them to least next year it will be functional from the beginning of Christmas.

My next project!  We saw this on a shirt at the store one day while Christmas shopping, and thought it was perfect for my nephew.  Since my dad loved this saying so much, I decided to make a wall hanging out of it that we could hang by our stockings.  I just need to add a ribbon to hang it from.

I posted this saying earlier in the week.  This was my first vinyl project and first project I attempted with my new Silhouette.  It was a good learning experience, and fun to make.

This was my first project that I'd ever used heat transfer material with.  I got these little muslin bags from Pick Your Plum.  This morning I needed a little "Thank You" for a girl at church who did me a favor.  So I made this in just about 15 minutes.  It was super easy and fun thanks to the Silhouette!

I'll keep you updated on any further projects!!

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Angie said...

These are awesome! You are so talented!